Here is your one-stop guide to Doctor Who on UK TV over the 50th anniversary…

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Thursday 14 November – 9.00pm – 10.00pm
The Science of Doctor Who – BBC2
Could we ever build a working TARDIS? Does alien life exist in our universe? Are bow-ties actually cool? Brian Cox answers some of these questions in a lecture about the science behind the sci-fi at London’s Royal Institution.

Friday 15 November – Between 7.30pm and 8.00pm
Children in need – BBC1
Expect an exclusive clip from the 50th anniversary special.

Friday 15 November – 7.05pm, 7.55pm, 8.50pm, 9.40pm
Saturday 16 November – 8.00pm, 8.50pm, 9.55pm
Sunday 17 November – 7.30pm, 8.20pm, 9.10pm
Doctor Who: Greatest monsters and villains – BBC3
A three-night countdown of the Doctor’s top ten bestest enemies.

Monday 18 November – 8.00pm
Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide – BBC3
Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman celebrate the 50th anniversary of the space-travelling Time Lord and take an in-depth look at of one of the most intriguing fictional characters of all time.

Thursday 21 November – 7.00pm
Doctor Who at the Proms
 – BBC3
Madame Vastra and Sontaran Strax host the concert, filmed at the Royal Albert Hall in the summer.

Thursday 21 November – 9.00pm
An Adventure in Time and Space – BBC2
David Bradley is William Hartnell in this drama about the origins of the best programme on the telly, by Who fan and writer Mark Gatiss.

Thursday 21 November – 10:30pm 

An Unearthly Child – BBC4
Get out your policeman’s whistle, switch on the smoke machine and enjoy the first ever Doctor Who story in glorious 4:3 black and white.

Friday 22 November – 9:30pm
Me, You and Doctor Who: a Culture Show Special
 – BBC2
TV and film buff Matthew Sweet provides a potted history, indulges in some budget re-creations and calls in some highbrow commentators ranging from Ken Livingstone to Caitlin Moran.

Saturday 23 November – 7.50pm
Doctor Who The Day of the Doctor – BBC1
This is it, the big one! Daleks, Zygons, Queen Elizabeth – on the TV and simulcast at your local cinema in 3D.

Saturday 23 November – 9.05pm
Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty – BBC3
Presented live from London’s Southbank, Zoe Ball and Rick Edwards will will be joined by Matt Smith and guests to discuss the Doctor’s most epic adventure yet. A host of previous Doctors and their time-travelling companions will take part in what is described as an ultimate celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who.

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